Triglav <em>National park</em> Logar <em>Nature park</em> Notranjska <em>Nature park</em> Ljubljana Moors <em>Nature park</em> Škocjan Caves <em>Nature park</em> Strunjan <em>Nature park</em> Sečovlje <em>Nature park</em> Kupa <em>Nature park</em> Škocjan <em>Nature park</em> Kozjansko <em>Nature park</em> Učka <em>Nature park</em> Brijuni <em>National park</em> Risnjak <em>National park</em> Žumberak samobrosko gorje <em>Nature park</em> Medvednica <em>Nature park</em> Sjeverni Velebit <em>National park</em> Plitvice <em>National park</em> Velebit <em>Nature park</em> Paklenica <em>Nature park</em> Una <em>National park</em> Lonjsko polje <em>Nature park</em> Papuk <em>Nature park</em> Kozara <em>National park</em> Telaščica <em>Nature park</em> Vransko Jezero <em>Nature park</em> Krka <em>National park</em> Kornati <em>National park</em> Kopački rit <em>Nature park</em> Zasavica <em>Nature park</em> Fruška gora <em>National park</em> Ečka <em>Nature park</em> Biokovo <em>Nature park</em> Lastovsko otočje <em>Nature park</em> Mljet <em>National park</em> Hutovo blato <em>Nature park</em> Blidinje <em>Nature park</em> Bijambare <em>Nature park</em> Vrelo Bosne <em>Nature park</em> Skakavac <em>Nature park</em> Đavolja Varoš <em>Nature park</em> Đerdap <em>National park</em> Ovčar-Kablar <em>Nature park</em> Tara <em>National park</em> Sutjeska <em>National park</em> Durmitor <em>National park</em> Uvac <em>Nature park</em> Kopaonik <em>National park</em> Lovćen <em>National park</em> Biogradska Gora <em>National park</em> Germia Nature Park <em>Nature park</em> Vlasina <em>Nature park</em> Bjeshkët e Nemuna <em>National park</em> Mirusha Nature Park <em>Nature park</em> Prokletje <em>National park</em> Šar planina <em>National park</em> Valbona <em>National park</em> Thethi <em>National park</em> Skadar Lake <em>National park</em> Lura <em>National park</em> Mavrovo <em>Nature park</em> Qaf Shtama <em>Nature park</em> Dajti <em>National park</em> Shebenik Jabllanica <em>National park</em> Galičica <em>Nature park</em> Pelister <em>Nature park</em> Prespa <em>National park</em> Divjakë-Karavasta <em>National park</em> Mali i Tomorrit <em>National park</em> Karaburun-Sazan <em>National park</em> Logara <em>National park</em> Bredhi i Drenoves <em>National park</em> Bredhi i Hotoves <em>National park</em> Butrinti <em>National park</em> Trebević <em>Nature park</em> Jasen <em>Nature park</em>


Main objective of “Dinaric Arc parks“ project is creating platform of protected areas by connecting all parks of nature and national parks in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo*, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia.

By its beauty, geographical position and biological diversity, the Dinaric Arc stands even with the Carpathians, Alps or any other known ecoregion in the world. Project activities will help building cooperation with private sector and improving everyday business through exchanging experiences and examples of good practice. It' s time for Dinarc Arc Parks to become a brand.

*This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244/99 and the IJC opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence