Focus group in Andrijevica

NGO North Land, in partnership with NGO Parks Dinarides, organised meeting of Focus group in Andrijevica in order to raise awareness of brown bear protection and research of public attitude toward this species in Montenegro.

Participation in Focus group work took representatives from hunting organisation, Andrijevica municipality, Nature park Komovi ltd, Touristic organisation, and NGOs sector.

"We believe that, through quality discussion, we have improved cooperation between NGOs North Land and relevant local participants in Andrijevica in order to raise awareness about brown bear protection. The fact that brown bear is in Andrijevica municipality and Nature Park Komovi is considered as additional value for our area. On the other hand, conflict between a man and the bear is not unknown, and in order to reduce this conflict we have decided that is very important to carry out a research about public attitude toward this important species and this would be basis for preparation of future Action Plan for management of brown bear in Montenegro and creating measures for minimizing possible conflict, Barjaktarević from the NGO North Land stressed out..

This activity was realized within the program "Protected areas for nature and people", which Parks Dinarides realises in cooperation with WWF Adria.

"Bears are animals that live independently, not in groups. They need large habitat, so that they can move, nourish, propagate, and find suitable places for hibernation. One of the key tasks and obligations of Montenegro as a signatory state of Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats (Bern Conventions) is drafting, adoption, and implementation of multi-year management plans for the populations of brown bears and wolves. In the same time, this is preparation for the implementation of EU regulations that are one of the preconditions for Montenegro accession to the European Union.

That is why the protection of the brown bear which survival is threatened by the destruction of habitat and poaching is one of the priorities. Therefore, these activities in researching public attitudes and strengthening awareness of brown bear protection are important for us in order to properly protect and manage this species in Montenegro, and finally, this is requested from all participants of all interested parties", said Jelena Marojević Galić from Parks Dinarides.